All About Me

Well, hey there, fur-friends! I’m sooooo happy you’re here! I’m gonna take a few minutes to tell you about my furvourite subject – ME!

My name is Duchess Pepper. My friends call me ‘Duchess’… My momma¬†calls me ‘Monkey’, and my daddy calls me ‘Poops’. Right now, I’m still just a puppy, although almost all grow’d up! But I’ll still be Momma’s tiny pooch furever!!


Before we get started, let’s just find a comfy spot, maybe some tea, or apple slices (and, if you wanna share, or if you spill, I’m right here for you, my new friend!)

I’m a Parti Yorkie… nooooo, not ‘party’…. Ok, maybe a little party!!!

That’s how come I’m all white… well mostly white. I think it makes me kinda special… Daddy likes it cause he can see that I’m all clean! (Momma wrote a funny story about daddy here if you wanna read more about him.)

I like long walks, playing with my friends (that’s you!), apples (did I mention that?) and new toys. I also like lotsa treats (especially frozen ones! Those are my fav!). Car rides are also a new furvourite for me… Momma bought me a fancy car seat to make sure that I can see out the window but am still super safe. She’s good like that.


I’m very good at making sure that weekends¬†are lazy, pajamas are warm, and everyone has lotsa reasons to nap.


(Ahhhhhh naps. I think it might be time for one now…)

Thanks for visiting my website. It has a lot of great stories about ME (my furvourite topic!), and also some tips and tools from Momma and Daddy and a bunch of their friends including trainers, vets and other pet pawrents.

Don’t furget to sign up so that I can send you emails and we can stay in touch, ’cause a puppy can NEVER have too many friends! And if you have pictures and stories to share paw-eeeez email them to me to that I can put them in my New Friend #tinypooches galleries.

Ok… sleepy time…. Kisses!